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Get Daily Reward Data

Rate Limits

API calls are limited to 4 calls per minute


Requesthttp GET/POST
Encoding FormatUTF-8

Request URL parameters

address: "ux...", //Reward Address
startblock: 10000, //The starting block of the query
endblock: 20000, //The end block of the query
type: ""/1/2, //Reward type, optional 1: PoSR reward 2: PoTS 3: POS delegation reward Empty: All rewards for the address

JSON response body

"result": {
"address": "ux...", //Reward Address
"startblock": 10000, //Statistics start block
"endblock": 20000, //Statistics end block
"rewards":[ //Reward list
"address": "ux...", //Storage node address / PoS node address
"blocknumber": 3300, //Lock height
"rewardAmount": 1000000000000, //Total amount of the locked rewards record (including released and burnt amount in the locked position)
"releaseAmount": 1234000000, //released Amount
"burntAmount": 0, //burnt Amount
"lockPeriod": 259200, //lockPeriod
"releasePeriod": 1555200, //releasePeriod
"releaseInterval": 8640, //releaseInterval
"type": 1/2/3, //Reward type, optional 1: PoSR reward 2: PoTS 3: PoS delegation reward
"message": "successful",
"statusCode": 0

The request parameter datetime is the date and time stamp (milliseconds), and returns the time stamp starttime and endtime of the statistical time range.

For example, the time stamp of 2022-05-01 00:00:00 (UTC+8) is 1651334400000. The returned statistical time is 2022-04-30 13:00:00 (1651294800000) - 2022-05-01 13:00:00 (1651381200000).