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Get PoS Node Delegation Information

Rate Limits

API calls are limited to 4 calls per minute


Requesthttp GET/POST
Encoding FormatUTF-8

Request URL parameters

address: "ux..."

JSON response body

"result": {
"node_address": "ux...", //pos node address
"revenue_address": "ux...", //reward address
"manage_address": "ux...", //admin address
"node_type": 2, //Node type 1: Pre-candidate node 2: Ultron node
"pledge_amount": 1600000000000000, //pledge amount
"charge_rate": 100, //rate value percentage value
"penalty_points": 0, //penalty points
"active_height": 8400, //active height
"pledge_list": [{ //pledge list
"pledge_address": "ux...", //Pledge Address
"pledge_hash": "ux...", //Pledge Hash
"pledge_status": 1, //Pledge Status 1-Staking 0-Staking Exit
"pledge_amount": 160000000000000, //pledge amount
"pledge_number": 17382, //pledge height
"unpledge_hash": null, //unpledge hash
"unpledge_number": null //unpledge number
"message": "successful",
"statusCode": 0

All amounts have 18 digits. For example, 1000000000000000000, which in this case = 1 UTG.