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Get Storage Pledge Information

Rate Limits

API calls are limited to 4 calls per minute


Requesthttp GET/POST
Encoding FormatUTF-8

Request URL parameters

address: "ux...",          //Reward Address

JSON response body

"result": {
"address": "ux...", //Reward Address
"stratio": 0.8, //Storage Factor
"storages":[ //Storage List
"address": "ux...", //Storage node address
"blocknumber": 1000, //Pledge height
"capacity": 10995116277800, //Storage capacity (unit: B)
"bandwidth": 1024, //Upload bandwidth
"bwratio": 1.5, //Bandwidth reward factor
"pledgeStatus": 0, //Pledge status 0: normal 1:abnormal
"vaildNumber": 1000, //Storage the last verified height
"succNumber": 1000, //Storage the height of the last authentication success
"pledgeAmount": 30000000000000, //pledgeAmount
"leases":[ //leases list
"hash": "ux...", //rent hash
"address": "ux...", //rental address
"blocknumber": 2000, //Rental pledge height
"leaseStatus": 1, //leaseStatus 0: normal 1: abnormal
"capacity": 1100585369600, //Storage capacity (unit: B)
"price": 1000000000000000, //rental price
"duration": 30, //rental duration (unit: day)
"vaildNumber": 1000, //Lease Last Verified Altitude
"succNumber": 1000, //Height of the last successful authentication of the lease
"pledgeAmount": 30000000000000, //pledgeAmount
"message": "successful",
"statusCode": 0

All amounts have 18 digits. For example, 1000000000000000000, which in this case = 1 UTG.