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Getting Started

UltronGlow is an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network. Validators on any PoS network perform the important task of ordering and appending transactions to the ledger. In UltronGlow, the PoS consensus mechanism has been improved to ensure any participant that wants to validate on the newtork has a fair chance to do so.

Deploying a validator node on the UltronGlow network can be a technically complex process, requiring skills in building and deploying code, as well as ensuring the Validator node is performant and highly- available. When deploying a validator, the deploying party must stake an amount of UTG to do so.

For details on deploying an UltronGlow validator, please see our Github repository for details.

More Resources

In addition to our documentation, check-out our other resources to help you learn more about UltronGlow and connect with other UTG'ers!