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Validator Staking

Once you have the Validator set up complete, you must stake an initial pledge of 20 UTG into your Validator in order for it to become a candidate for block production. The process for selection of Validator Nodes to become "active" (known as Ultron nodes) is dependent on several factors, including penalty scores as well as the amount of UTG staked into the Validator. The more you stake, the higher probability of being elected as an Ultron Node to generate blocks and earn block generation rewards.

For details on how Validator nodes are selected to be Ultron Nodes, see the whitepaper.


1 - Stake your initial pledge

  1. Navigate to the UltronScan.
  2. Click on Tools in the top-right corner of UltronScan, and then click on Ultron Node Management in the menu dropdown.

UltronNode Management

  1. In the new page that appears, click on the Node Pledge button.

Node Pledge Button

  1. Enter the node address of the Validator you set up in the Node field.
  2. Click the Pledge button.

Initial Pledge

2 - Pledge additional UTG

Once your initial pledge has completed, you'll be able to come back and pledge additional UTG to increase your opportunity/frequency to become an Ultron Node.

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