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Once you have completed the prerequisites


1 - Delegate your pledge

  1. Navigate to the Ultron Nodes section of UltronScan.
  2. Choose either an Ultron or Candidate node for delegating your stake, and click on Delegate on the line of the node you have chosen.



Ultron nodes and candidate nodes both have opportunities to produce blocks on the network. Choose either an Ultron or candidate node that does not have a penalty score as nodes that have penalty scores >30 are not eligible to product blocks on the network. Read the whitepaper for more details.

  1. In the new page that appears, enter the amount of UTG you want to pledge and click the Pledge link.


  1. If prompted, connect the Metamask account where you are holding your UTG to Ultronscan.
  2. Click the Confirm button to complete your pledge.


2 - Manage your delegate status

Now that you've completed your delegation, you can come back to Ultronscan at any time to see the status of your pledge.

  1. Navigate to Ultronscan.
  2. Click on My and then Delegate management.


More Resources

In addition to our documentation, check-out our other resources to help you learn more about UltronGlow and connect with other UTG'ers!