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Getting Started

UltronGlow is a decentralized storage network designed to store, back-up and share your data, securely and privately. Additionally, you can offer your surplus storage capacity on your computer to other members of the network while earning rewards (UTG) for doing so. Sharing your computer's surplus storage on the UltronGlow network makes your computuer a Storage Provider, and mining node on the network.

By providing storage on the UltronGlow network, you not only help decentralize the world's data, you earn rewards that you can use for applications on the network - such as renting other's storage to take a defense-in-depth approach to backing-up your data.

Before you get started becoming a Storage Provider, you have some homework to do! Make sure you've completed the following prerequisites before moving to the Next Steps below. This will ensure you can complete all tutorials to get up and running quickly.


  • Ensure your computer has at least 1 terabyte of available storage for rental with additional storage available for your Docker container maintenance.
  • Install Metamask and create a new account if you haven't already.
  • Purchase UltronGlow's native token, UTG, from Hotcoin Global or Bitmart and transfer your UTG to your MetaMask wallet.

You will have to purchase USDC or USDT on either exchange first, and then convert it to UTG.

The amount of UTG you will need to provide 1TB of storage varies based on the current price of UTG. As of June 2023, you should purchase 2 UTG to get started.

More Resources

In addition to our documentation, check-out our other resources to help you learn more about UltronGlow and connect with other UTG'ers!

Next Steps

Ready to join the revolution of decentralized storage and earning while doing so? Continue on to the Next Step to configure your computer to become an UltronGlow Storage Provider!